Felicity Rhodes✘16✘Junior✘Straight✘Taken

Felicity has always been a girl who never followed the norms. She always wanted to be herself and never let anyone change her. Born in Manhattan, her parents moved her and her older sister, Allison down to Sleepy Hallow when she was only ten. That’s when she met Nate Moss. They were neighbors and she used to see him all the time. They really started forming their friendship when she was thirteen, after Ally started dating Nate’s brother, Sammy.

Their friendship grew and grew, Felicity eventually putting most of her trust into Nate and even sharing her first kiss with him when they were bored one night. However, Nate never saw Felicity more than a friend, even a sister. She tried and tried to get him to notice her in a different way, but it never happened.

After the death of Sammy, Felicity stopped seeing Nate. In fact, she stopped going to Pinebridge. Her parents sent her and Allie to a school in the city. But now that Ally has graduated and after much begging from her parents, she’s back enrolled in Pinebridge, and she couldn’t be happier.

Fc: Nina Nesbitt

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