Felix Cryotic✘18✘Senior✘Straight✘Taken

Felix is the epitome of a “gamer.” He plays video games all day and all night. It doesn’t matter whether he has school the next day or its vacation, he’s always up all night playing video games. He may not have many friends due to his addiction, but when he does break away from his computer and gaming console, he’s very outgoing and social. His dad always makes fun of him for not doing anything with his life. He thought that the whole obsession was just a phase that Felix was going through and that soon he would be out, partying and having girlfriends. But it’s now his senior and although he has picked out colleges to go to (for computer art and tech, of course) Felix has yet to have a date with a girl. Sure he wants a girlfriend, but he doesn’t have time or the energy to look for one. Will he ever find a girl who’s worth the separation from his games or will the perfect girl come along and sit beside him for a round of Left4Dead?

Fc: PewDiePie

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